Return to Work Programs

Magnolia Strong offers a comprehensive Interdisciplinary Work Hardening program as well as a Work Conditioning program. Which type of program is utilized depends upon the needs of the client being served.

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is an extension of traditional therapy lasting about 10 days with sessions being 4-8 hours in duration. Typically, these patients present with no attitudinal, behavioral, or chronic pain symptoms and they desire to return to work at their previous functional level, or they are working part-time at a reduced functional level. Our goal is to restore physical, functional and vocational skills, as they relate to their specific job, while eliminating the patient’s reliance on modalities and medications.

Work Hardening

Work hardening utilizes a comprehensive team-treatment approach to provide highly individualized patient care. Official Disability Guidelines (OGD) criteria specifies a client must: have potential for return to a Medium or higher PDL position, have been injured between 6 months and 2 years, have reached a plateau or exceeded ODG maximums for traditional therapy and completed any necessary surgical procedures. Additionally, they may have mild to moderate psychological issues such as depression or anxiety which act as barriers to successful work transition. In addition to physical deficits, this program addresses the behavioral, psychosocial and vocational skills needed for a successful return to work. As a team, we work closely with the employee, employer, DARS and the patient’s family to eliminate all return to work barriers.

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