• “A family feel was ever present and the overall atmosphere was professional. I could never have made it back to work without them.”

    Roland S. Read More

  • “The whole staff offered me solutions to my problems. They were all very caring and developed a diverse approach to my recovery plan.”

    Andrea A. Read More

  • “All of the team helped me accomplish 100% of my goals. Extremely kind and caring, yet focused on my recovery to my employer.”

    Sylvia M. Read More

  • “Scott W. came to us as a brain injury patient this summer. He had acquired and very serious injury as a Care Flight helicopter pilot involved in a very scary hard landing in Tarrant county. Scott W. is certainly on his way back to full employment as an instructor! We have had serious gains with Scott W., physically and mentally, and he has had a workmanlike approach during his participation in the Brain Injury Program.”

    Scott W. Read More

  • "Charles J. is a stroke victim who could not make it down the stairs without the aid of a full walker. Landrie Johansen, MPT has exhibited serious results with Charles. (see video) Charles has become one of our family members and is constantly interacting with staff to the point he hardly ever comes to Magnolia Strong with our transport driver Jason Springer, without bringing something with him. Either a laugh, homemade sausage or both!"

    Charles J. Read More

  • Keith W. was a patient in the Work Hardening Program. He was able to regain his strength and hope and return to work after a back injury.

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