Brain Injury Program

The cognitive sequelae from traumatic or acquired brain injuries may include memory deficits, impaired visual/spatial skills, poor abstract reasoning and judgment.

Higher-order thinking skills are often overlooked in the acute phase of rehabilitation, yet can impact every area of a patient’s life and severely limit the patient’s recovery. At Magnolia Strong, we are committed to providing each patient with an individualized treatment approach which integrates cognitive retraining strategies with functional activities. We treat the “whole person.” Our neuropsychologist has over twenty years experience assessing and treating brain injuries. A cognitive retraining specialist works one-to-one with the patient to retrain lost abilities or to develop compensatory strategies. A physical therapist assists in developing activities in order to give the patient an opportunity to practice their thinking skills in a simulated work environment.

Physical therapy also serves to strengthen and condition the patient for increased proficiency with daily tasks. Research has demonstrated physical activity enhances cognitive performance. The team’s certified rehabilitation counselor works closely to educate families and help both the patient and family members to work through the emotional impact of a brain injury. At Magnolia Strong, our goal is to provide integrative care to overcome all cognitive, emotional, and physical barriers which prevent the patient from resuming a normal life full of meaningful work, social activities, friends, and family.

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