Patient Spotlight: Stephen F.

Stephen came to the brain injury program after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. At Magnolia Strong Rehabilitation we integrate tasks that align with patients’ interests as well as things they perform in their daily lives. One of Stephen’s interests was cars. One of his activities was to teach someone how to change the oil in a car. This task requires organization, expressive language, patience, and executive functioning. Here he is teaching our occupational therapist Ligia how to raise the car.

Oil Change 1

Changing the oil.

Oil Change 3

Stephen also participated in another hands on project. He was in charge of designing, purchasing all materials for, and building a non-motorized go kart. He chose this project to make something for his sons. Here he is sawing PVC pipe for the frame.

go kart 1

Putting together the wheels.


Here is the finished product! Complete with turning wheels and able to carry a heavy load!


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