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Whether a patient needs just a little physical therapy or an extensive interdisciplinary treatment approach, Magnolia Strong has a program to fit. We have developed specific skills, to successfully treat both the mind and body.

  • Brain Injury Program

    Continuing to experience amazing results through a unique and proven approach.

  • Chronic Pain Management

    Helping people who have chronic symptoms and need a fresh individualized regimen.

  • Return to Work Programs

    Creating a win-win situation for employers, employees, stakeholders and family members.

  • Physical Therapy

    We are committed to providing the best possible solutions to functional restoration.

  • Psychological Services

    Utilizing licensed personnel to help smooth out rough edges for many patient types.

Brain Injury Program

The cognitive sequelae from traumatic or acquired brain injuries may include memory deficits, impaired visual/spatial skills, poor abstract reasoning and judgment. Higher-order thinking skills are often overlooked in the acute phase of rehabilitation, yet can impact every area of a patient’s life and severely limit the patient’s recovery. At Magnolia Strong, we are committed to providing each patient with an individualized treatment approach which integrates cognitive retraining strategies with functional activities. We treat the “whole person.” Our neuropsychologist has over twenty years experience assessing and treating brain injuries.

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Chronic Pain Management

The chronic pain program (CPP) at Magnolia Strong is designed for patients who suffer from persistent pain and for whom traditional medical/surgical interventions have failed. Research has demonstrated that an interdisciplinary treatment approach is the most effective for chronic pain sufferers. Under the leadership of a pain medicine physician, the team at Magnolia Strong consists of a licensed psychologist, physical therapists, bilingual speech therapists, a certified rehabilitation counselor and a vocational rehabilitation specialist. The goal of the CPP is to decrease pain levels, decrease and/or eliminate dependence on the use of narcotic pain medication, improve mood and coping skills, increase functional status, and assist the patient in returning to work. CPP patients are taught to regain control of their pain and their lives with the help of our dedicated, experienced staff.

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Return to Work Programs

Magnolia Strong offers a comprehensive Interdisciplinary Work Hardening program as well as a Work Conditioning program. Which type of program is utilized depends upon the needs of the client being served.

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Physical Therapy

At Magnolia Strong, our physical therapy typically utilizes a more aggressive approach than most facilities. Although some conservative methods are used to facilitate more active treatments by reduction of pain, spasms and swelling, we have found an intense therapeutic approach more efficiently facilitates the restoration of maximal physical performance and function, which has been threatened by work injury, personal injury, aging or disease. Magnolia Strong prefers to focus on orthopedic, neurological, industrial, sports and chronic pain type injuries. Our staff has been specially selected and trained to deal with these populations from the immediate acute stage of injury to the successful return of full functional status.

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Psychological Services

The process of rehabilitation encompasses more than just recovery from a physical injury. At Magnolia Strong, we offer comprehensive psychological support for all of our patients. Feelings of anxiety and depression are extremely common reactions. Our staff is comprised of experienced clinicians who have special expertise in behavioral medicine. Our goal is to help the patient learn coping skills and restore a positive mood.

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meet the MagnoliaStrong team

The Magnolia Strong Team was born from professionals who have one central approach to outpatient rehabilitation: Always make our efforts a win-win situation for all stakeholders. We take pride in being able to maneuver our resources to help produce positive results.

customer testimonials

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"Charles J. is a stroke victim who could not make it down the stairs without the aid of a full walker. Landrie Johansen, MPT has exhibited serious results with Charles. (see video) Charles has become one of our family members and is constantly interacting with staff to the point he hardly ever comes to Magnolia Strong with our transport driver Jason Springer, without bringing something with him. Either a laugh, homemade sausage or both!"

Charles J.

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