About Us

Magnolia Strong is a rehabilitation facility dedicated to mind and body. We believe all strength comes from a strong foundation.

It is our sincere desire to utilize our staff to enhance the opportunity for full recovery, through our collective years of experience. Though our company may be new in name, we are not new to the industry. From physical therapy to chronic pain issues to clinical neuropsychology, results are achieved through an interdisciplinary approach.

“Our caring staff treats each and every person served as if they truly are family. In fact, we believe it is our sole responsibility to provide rehabilitative care in a manner such that all stakeholders may be pleased with our outcomes.”

Through a careful and consistent approach, we are able to promote strength from the ground up, in order to achieve the desired results. Communication with each and every person or persons involved sets Magnolia Strong apart from others. Having many years of experience and working together as a cohesive understanding group, we receive most of our growth from within our existing relationships. Our philosophy is to never stand still and to always realize there are opportunities for those who do things right the first time.

Each and every member of Magnolia Strong, not only has the credentials required, they have the common sense approach to achieve desired results.

In order to have a strong and beautiful tree, you must begin with a strong root system. This strength requires attention to detail, and Magnolia Strong Rehab can supply those necessary ingredients, where others may fall short. Our group will never take shortcuts at the expense of those we serve. We are proud to be Magnolia Strong!


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Magnolia Strong Rehab
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