Patient Takes Entire Magnolia Strong Team to Appreciation Dinner

During the orientation of each and every program patient, a point is always made regarding “growing into part of our family” by the time they are discharged.

Well, it has now happened to a regular physical therapy patient. Mary B. adopted the Magnolia Strong team members and was so happy with the progress of her hip replacement, she took the complete staff to Texas De Brazil as appreciation. A follow up with Mary B. has proven just how successful her rehabilitation has been and she is doing things she feared she would never do again.

This is the objective of each and every Magnolia Strong employee, to deliver uncompromising attention the each patient in an individualized manner until we accomplish the extraordinary. Our growth, as a small but caring group, is dependent on successful stories like Mary B.’s!

Mary B. Staff Appreciation Dinner

Mary B. Staff Appreciation Dinner

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